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Stillwell: A Haunting on Long Island - Michael Phillip Cash
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Read from November 17 to 19, 2014 — I own a copy


~Haunted Mourning~

Paul Russo, a successful Long Island realtor, has lost his wife, his true soul mate, to a brain tumor. The deceased Allison has left behind a loving, distraught husband and three young children. It has only been a week since Allison passed away, dying, despite the expensive, holistic, experimental treatments that Paul sought, one after the other, grasping at new hope with each. Finally, after Allison is just a shell of her former self, she holds up a hand. Allison has had enough. Paul must let her go. She can no longer fight the monstrous cancer inside her head. It has only been a week. Paul and the children, victims of their mother's disease, struggle with grief and monumental loss. The twins, both thirteen, are angry and withdrawn. Stella, the baby of the family, still feels her mother's presence. Stella insists that Allison is still amongst them. Paul cannot go on without Allison. He cannot do this alone. The children want their mother. None are willing to let her go even though Allison has already left them. It has only been a week. It is during this week of mourning that Paul begins to lose his mind despite his best efforts to push forward, give the kids some stability.

Paul returns to work. He must. Allison's illness has cost them everything. Stillwell Manor, an old, ancestral home of Paul's wealthy acquaintances, Craig and Melissa Andrews, would bring a great commission if Paul could actually sell it. The Stillwell manor, named so after the well that resides on the property under two weeping willows, is over two hundred years old, with a sordid, haunted past. Adding to it's spooky persona is the recent murder-suicide of Craig's parents. Mr. Andrews shot and killed his wife, then turned the shotgun on himself. The home's dark past and present will soon become Paul's nightmares. Paul reminds himself that he's stressed. The nightmares are only dreams. But when he sees his dead wife looking at him through a bedroom window at Stillwell, Paul begins to question his sanity. Eerie voices communicating through the radio, nightmares that leave Paul bruised and scratched, orbs that touch and electrify, grisly apparitions. What is going on? Stillwell Manor will force Paul to face unimaginable demons.

I read this book during the late nights for added effect. The book had a sorrowful tone that easily brought darkness about. The characters were in so much pain and grief, I just wanted to comfort each. I also got up to turn on another light here and there. This was an adult ghost story written with maturity. I related well to Paul's story. I lost a child and I know all too well how grief can manifest itself into all kinds of dark thoughts, leaving one feeling haunted day and night. If you're looking for guts and gore, well, this book is not your journey. However, if you're looking for a haunting tale, filled with raw emotion, this book is all yours.