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The Hanging Tree: A Novella - Michael Phillip Cash

I've read a couple of Michael Phillip Cash's books and enjoyed the haunted tales. This is not one of my favorite stories by Cash. I would describe this as YA and if one follows my reviews one will know I'm not a big fan of YA. I've nothing really personal against YA but I'm probably a bit old for YA. I said PROBABLY. (Don't go getting ideas and making me out to be old and frumpy!!) Okay. So this isn't about me. Moving right along...

This novella appears to be about choices and sacrifices. A young girl named Arielle wrestles with her sexuality. She planned to go all the way with her boyfriend, Chad, someone her father disapproves of. What right did her father have? Her parents marriage has failed. Arielle's mother has abandoned her and run off with another man. Her father was preoccupied with a girlfriend of his own. Arielle had been very close to her dad. But now, his attention was elsewhere. Arielle feels ignored. Having sex with Chad was her way of striking back and proving that she could make her own choices. After all, her parents had made choices, the wrong choice, and they hadn't even asked Arielle how she felt. Yes! She had made her choice and now she would give it all away to Chad.

Arielle and Chad are kissing under an old, large oak tree. They are not alone. Displaced spirits reside on the branches above and they are watching events unfold between the two teenagers. When Arielle realizes that she is not prepared for Chad's advances, Chad begins to force himself on the girl. The spirits decide to intervene. The sad spirits cannot allow the innocent young girl to experience the pain and sorrow they know all to well. But there is a curse in place. It is an old curse that has plagued the Harmond family for centuries. An angry witch cast the spell long ago. That witch watches the young lovers with a faint smile.

There are stories within the story. It is these tales that I am most intrigued. Give me more about the witch!! Tell me more about the spirits living in the hanging tree! I thoroughly enjoyed the portions of the book that focused on the tree's inhabitants. Star crossed lovers, a Gibson girl, an angry, vengeful witch and her wayward granddaughter. But...I was just left hanging.