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Empire of Sin

Empire of Sin: A Story of Sex, Jazz, Murder, and the Battle for Modern New Orleans - Gary Krist

Thanks to Blogging For Books, I now have a wonderful copy of Empire of Sin by Gary Krist to add to my bookshelves. I am a Louisiana native who has long had a love affair with New Orleans. Krist has written a well researched tale that, to me, is as good as sucking crawfish heads. Juicy, spicy, and HOT!! Covering a thirty year period, from the Gilded Age to Prohibition, Empire of Sin is a raucous romp through the Crescent City that the devil himself would love. Good versus Evil. Politicians versus a corrupt Underworld. Krist does an amazing job of capturing the rich flavors and flawed characters that made New Orleans the glorious city it is today. If you love New Orleans, this is a must-read book!!