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The Canterbury Sisters by Kim Wright

The Canterbury Sisters - Kim Wright

A thoroughly enjoyable read. The Canterbury Sisters was like a modern version of Chaucer's The Canterbury Tales. Interesting characters and Wright does an excellent job guiding the reader along the Canterbury Trail. Some sights seemed so vivid. This book captured my imagination and placed me amongst the eight women. Felt like I was walking along side the Broads Abroad. 


Che de Milan's life was perfect. Or so it seemed. Then her mother died and it all began to unravel. On the same day she receives a Dear John letter from her live-in boyfriend, Che also receives an urn of her mother's ashes with a request to travel to the Canterbury Cathedral. Wanting to escape the drama that is unfolding within her relationship, Che decides to honor her mother's last wish and heads to London. Once in England, Che finds her travel plans rearranged and she is unwillingly placed with the travel group, Broads Abroad. Deciding to make the best of circumstances, Che joins the mismatched group. Off they go! Getting in to the true spirit of the pilgrimage, the women decide to each tell a story about love. The woman telling the best story will be rewarded at the end of their travels. Along the way, seeing a bit of herself in each story, Che discovers that losing one thing may help one find something else, even those things you didn't know you were seeking.


A great story! Highly recommended. Many thanks to Gallery, Threshold, Pocket Books and NetGalley for sending me a digital copy for review.