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The Summer's End by Mary Alice Monroe

The Summer's End (Lowcountry Summer) - Mary Alice Monroe

I've been reading this book slowly, taking my time. I enjoyed the Lowcountry Summer Trilogy. Each book had it's stand out moments and each was fun, homey, and I'd consider all a delicious beach read. The third book in the trilogy was more about the youngest sister, Harper Muir - James. The first two centered mostly around the middle sister, Carson. When the trilogy begins, Marietta Muir is trying to recreate summer's of the past and hoping to unite the sister's once again. Eudora, the eldest sister, is busy with her young son and going through a divorce. Carson is adrift and desperately seeking herself. Harper is the baby and has been raised in New York by a controlling, manipulative mother. The sister's have the same father but different mothers. Their connection has always been Mamaw, Sea Breeze, and Lowcountry summers. The Muir sisters have been spending one last summer with Mamaw at Sea Breeze. Change is upon all of the women and decisions and choices are the theme here. As a whole, I adored the trilogy. The first book was my favorite, the one that sucked me in. I could see myself being friends with all of the Muir women. One of my all-time favorite places is the Lowcountry so I'm a pushover for books that take place in this beautiful setting. I liked Summer's End but it was my least fave. There were a few moments of cheese but that's okay. Overall, I connected with the story. It was entertaining and fun and certainly a great ending to an interesting trilogy. Or so I thought. While browsing Mary Alice Monroe's website, I happily discovered that there will be a fourth installment. I don't want to give anything away so I've kept this review simple and vague. If you're looking for a fun beach read I would recommend picking up any of Mary Alice Monroe's Lowcountry Summer Trilogy books. You won't be disappointed and you'll definitely fall in love with the Lowcountry yourself. I'd give this rating a 3 and 1/2 stars. It didn't quite earn the fourth star but I've kindly rounded up due to the lack of half star ratings on Goodreads. However, put the three books together as a whole...four stars!


* I received a DRC from NetGalley but I also bought my own copy. I wanted to share the Lowcountry Summer Trilogy with my mom and daughter.