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Chat Love - Justine Faeth

OK. Here's the deal-io. Someone reccomended this book to me. After seeing it on my TBR shelf, Faeth kindly sent me an ecopy. I very much appreciate all ARC's & DRC's that I receive. Always welcome. The downside of this is reviewing a book unfavorably, especially when an author has personally sent the book in question. I'm not a fan of writing negative reviews. I prefer to be fair and because I'm fair, I thought it best to stop reading this book. Here's why. I feel that in order to give a fair review one must be the correct target audience. I'm all wrong for this book. In my opinion, Chat Love should be read by a younger crowd, say early twenties to early thirties. It might be enjoyed by the single crowd, those experiencing the horrors of modern dating. I'm 46 and happily married to my best friend. Although I understand the plight of the characters, I can't relate so I think it best if I bow out now and leave the fun to the hip youngsters. It IS fun and does kinda have the Sex in the City vibe going for it. If that's your thing, you'll like Chat Love.


*DNF and therefore will not rate.