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Instant Happy Journal by Karen Salmansohn

Instant Happy Journal: 365 Days of Inspiration, Gratitude, and Joy - Karen Salmansohn

I've always loved journaling. My high school English teacher had her students keep a journal, teaching us the importance of expressing our emotions and feelings on paper. It was a great way to release those things we keep locked deep inside. It helped me express myself and other times, after seeing my thoughts on paper, inspired me. That is exactly what Karen Salmansohn had in mind when she created this little happy journal. First, the journal itself is lovely. It makes me happy just looking at it. The bright and happy colors are an instant boost. Second, the daily "happiness" prompts allow me to focus on positive thoughts. Salmansohn filled the pages with prompts "meant to inspire you to reflect and focus on where the most joy, appreciation, and love can be found in your day (and your life)."


I choose to record my thoughts in the evening. This journal helps me focus on the positive aspects of my day and it certainly inspires me to look for the bright spots in my life and in others. I love this journal. It's helping see myself from a different perspective and in a better light. 


This Instant Happy Journal would make a great gift. It's the perfect size to fit in a larger purse or backpack, easy to carry around. Happen to write something truly inspirational and feel you must share, Karen would love to hear it! You can write to Karen at, and tweet or Instagram an excerpt to @notsalmon (#instanthappy). 




**I was generously provided a copy from Blogging for Books in exchange for my honest and fair opinion. Thoughts are my own.