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When Lions Roar by Thomas Maier

When Lions Roar: The Churchills and the Kennedys - Thomas Maier

When I saw this book offered in a giveaway on Goodreads, I knew I had to win it for my dad. Fortunately I did win it! Pop's is completely fascinated with WWII. I'd consider him pretty darn fluent in WWII history. He adores Churchill so I knew this was going to be a hit with him. Dad devoured this quickly. Took me a bit longer but I'm happy I read it. While the book wasn't so much about WWII, it was still utterly intriguing. I knew enough about the Kennedy's to turn me sour on that Camelot crowd, but I wasn't as familiar with Winston, and his son, Randolph, as I'd like. Maier takes an in depth look into these two political power house families. I probably like Joe Kennedy even less now, such a pompous pig. Overall, I really enjoyed reading this book. A bit winded at times with the gossipy-romance but it turns out these two families shared more than political aspirations. If you love history and want to take a closer look inside the Churchill/Kennedy empire, including relations between fathers and sons, this is the book. Dad's POV? It was the perfect read for him and he'd give it five stars. Back off, old man! This is my review.





**I won a copy of this book in a Goodreads giveaway. Many thanks. Opinions are my own.