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To Swim Beneath the Earth by Ginger Bensmam

To Swim Beneath the Earth by Ginger Bensman (2015-07-22) - Ginger Bensman

A Mystical Reading Experience.


Upon completing this book, I feel like I might have drank ayahuasca myself. Was it a great reading adventure? Yes! However, I'll admit that I was often confused with events. The journey through the story was like nothing I've read before. Points for that. I enjoy a book with magical qualities and subject matter that is new to me. Gods of Inca, past life regression, reincarnation, finding one's self in Ecuador. Like I said, quite the adventure. I'm always amazed at an author's ability to write such imaginative stories. How does one conjure up such imagination, one that seems so vivid, like the only way one would know this stuff is through experience? I guess that's why I'm a reader, not a writer. Or, not a published writer. I write but I doubt my mind could think up stuff like the story between the pages of this book. One thing, I could've done without so many unimportant thoughts and observations made by the characters. A little wordy at times. This is Bensman's first novel. Hard to believe. The writing has a poetic quality. It's very deep and psychological. Again, I won't pretend to understand the entirety but I get the story being told. I only wish I knew how and why the protagonist has lived then and now. I know the triggers, I'm just not sure of the how'd-that-happen. Its fiction, though. Good fiction is not required to give an answer.


Was it a dream? What do the visions mean? Shortly after seeing unexplained hallucinations, Megan Kimsey is struck by tragedy, a tragedy that will change the course of her life. Somehow, the visions Megan thought she imagined are now coming true. Why? How is she seeing events before they occur?

Dreams, and a feeling of déjà vu, will lead her to Baños, Ecuador, where her past will catch up to her future.




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