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Trouble in Mudbug by Jana DeLeon

Trouble in Mudbug  - Jana Deleon

A fun listen involving murder, mystery, and lots of humor. I always enjoy DeLeon's stories. The characters, although from a small town, are always interesting. Helena Henry, a busy body ghost that shows up to her own funeral, was probably my favorite character. She gave me several laugh out loud moments. When Helena discovers that her daughter in law, Maryse, the book's protag, can see and hear her, the fun really begins. Helena ensists that she was murdered and Maryse has no choice but help, especially when Maryse discovers that she's the killer's next target. This is my second book by DeLeon and I don't usually do book series but I think I'll continue getting to know the residents of Mudbug. Johanna Parker is a wonderful narrator and never makes me feel like I'm listening to someone reading. Parker just sounds like a great storyteller, Helena Henry being the highlight. Looking forward to the second book in the Ghost-in-Law series, Mischief in Mudbug. There is a free preview at the end of this audiobook and after listening, I think I'll stick to the audio version. I did buy the boxed set, which includes Book One-Three. Maybe I'll do a bit of both.